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VIGIL3 Voice Alarm Audio Input Module

Audio Input Module for VIGIL3 Voice Alarm System

Providing a flexible, straight-forward solution for adding audio inputs to a VIGIL3 voice alarm system.

VIGIL3 is our latest generation of voice alarm system. It is a fully modular and expandable solution enabling systems from the very small to the very big, to be realised. The Audio Input modules (two versions available) add to this flexible nature of a VIGIL3 system.

The BV3AIM2 (two input) and the BV3AIM4 (four input) modules are fitted to the back of a system rack enclosure and are added in multiples according to the user’s needs.

The inputs enable connection of multiple VIGIL inputs, in any combination, inculding our large format GUI, the touch screen microphone, fire microphone and paging microphone to a VIGIL3 voice alarm system.

Each input has adjustable six band parametric equalisation and programmable prioritisation. Due to the engineer-friendly (and user-friendly) design of the VIGIL3 system, it is possible to configure all the audio inputs from a single location, anywhere on the network.

The modular design of the VIGIL3 means that an installed system can be altered and/or added to should a user’s requirements change. This includes the ability to increase the number of input modules and, thereby, microphones or any of our other VIGIL3 input options – providing true flexibility.

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