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VIGIL Eclipse5

Wall-mountable*, Eclipse5 stand-alone public address and/or voice alarm (PA/VA) system

A fully integrated voice alarm system, the VIGIL Eclipse5 uses the latest VIGIL3 technology and provides an ideal solution for small system requirements.

VIGIL Eclipse5, like its predecessors, is a modular system which provides incredible flexibility when it comes to system design. There is a good choice of amplification options (using our latest transformerless amplifiers) and input options (select from any of our touch screen controllers and microphone options). For the installer/system integrator, there are plenty of options for system monitoring and network cabling.

The slim profile of the Eclipse system makes it an excellent choice for small buildings that require a public address and/or voice alarm system. A typical example of a small system requirement is a retail outlet within a shopping complex or entertainment arena. There are very many sites and areas that can (and do) benefit from the installation of an Eclipse system.

In addition to its suitability for small areas, the upright design of the Eclipse5 also makes it perfectly suited for fitting into the tight spaces of building risers in towers and other similar style structures – it simply needs bolting to a wall* or other suitable solid upright*. With its modular design and flexibility in cabling options, the Eclipse5 is, therefore, also an excellent solution for large networked systems.

Our video above summarises the benefits of a VIGIL3 voice alarm system. As you will see, an Eclipse5 can form part of a large networked system which can include a combination of Eclipse5 units as well as standard rack style enclosed systems.

Features & benefits of the Eclipse5:

  • VIGIL3 technology – including the audio output and audio input modules.
  • Modular, compact design.
  • Each Eclipse5 is capable of broadcasting to up to 16 zones.
  • The ability to connect up to eight inputs (microphones/touch screen controllers) to each Eclipse5.
  • Choice of amplification – each Eclipse5 can house up to four VIGIL3 amplifiers.
  • Connect up to 100 Eclipse5 units on a single network – that’s a total system size of 400 inputs and 800 outputs!
  • Takes up minimal floor space – simply secured by bolting to a wall or solid upright.
  • Supports our paging, fire and ambient noise sensing microphone as well as our touch screen control options.

* Where an Eclipse5 requires the inclusion of the (floor-standing) battery box, the Eclipse5 unit should be mounted directly on top of, and be affixed to, the battery enclosure to ensure compliance with BS5839-8. The Eclipse5 battery enclosure must be floor mounted and the feet adjusted so that the there is no load on the wall from the weight of the batteries. The Eclipse5 battery enclosure cannot be wall mounted.

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