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vigil eclipse4

VIGIL Eclipse4 public address and/or voice alarm (PA/VA) system

The VIGIL Eclipse4 is a stand-alone, EN54 certified, voice alarm/public address system.

Eclipse4 is a complete, fully monitored system which takes up less floor space and is ideal for fitting into building risers or places where space is restricted. It uses the new VIGIL3 transformerless amplifiers and the new VIGIL3 battery charger with VIGIL2 EVAS routeing technology.

What are the benefits of the Eclipse System?

Quite simply, the Eclipse is a fully integrated voice alarm system which takes up minimal floor space and is secured by bolting to a wall* or other suitable solid upright structure. It is ideal for fitting within building risers and is easily networked to form a comprehensive voice alarm or public address system.

The modular nature of the system provides adaptability and is suitable for many types of building. In addition to its usefulness for high-rise style structures, the Eclipse also fits well as a ‘tenant’ system for ‘landlord/tenant’ voice alarm system solutions.

The Eclipse systems currently available:

Eclipse4 – employs the VIGIL2 EVAS routeing, together with VIGIL3 transformerless amplification.

Eclipse5 – our latest, Eclipse system, employs all our VIGIL3 technology. Read more…

Chris Hartup, Sales Manager, talks about the Eclipse4:

Touch Screen Microphone

Can be used with the Eclipse4

* Where an Eclipse4 requires the inclusion of the (floor-standing) battery box, the Eclipse5 unit should be mounted directly on top of, and be affixed to, the battery enclosure to ensure compliance with BS5839-8. The Eclipse4 battery enclosure must be floor mounted and the feet adjusted so that the there is no load on the wall from the weight of the batteries. The Eclipse4 battery enclosure cannot be wall mounted.

For further information please refer to the sales leaflet:


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