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Omnicare Emergency Voice Communication System

Baldwin Boxall OmnicCare Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) System

OmniCare is a well-established system which includes disabled refuge, fire telephones, steward telephones and toilet alarm options. OmniCare is a LOOP wired system (for our radial wired option please refer to our Care2 system).

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When it comes to the systems you rely upon to keep lives safe, complete confidence is the least you should expect. So now all new Baldwin Boxall products come with a manufacturer warranty of 7 years* as standard!

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The OmniCare system was the first of its kind when introduced as a combined EVC system. Since then it has been installed worldwide and has become the system of choice for many. The system includes a three-part toilet alarm kit option which, like all of the remote units, is powered from the line (no local power is required).

BIM objects are available for all OmniCare system products. If you would like copies of these please click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Do you have a FireCare, AssureCare, CommuniCare or CommuniCare Advance system? If so, you may be interested to know that Omnicare employs the same cabling structure as these earlier systems. If you are considering upgrading or expanding your disabled refuge or fire telephone system Omnicare would be an ideal option. Read more…

Master control panels
4-128 way options in either grey or stainless steel.


Disabled refuge remote units (DRS)
Standard and advance versions available.


Fire telephones
Available with push or slot-lockable door, with/without beacon.


Touchscreen Control
Provides a stylish solution for system control.


Combined fire telephone and DRS
Provides two methods of communication from one point.


Steward telephones
Green enclosure available with push or slot-lockable door, with or without beacon.


Disabled toilet alarm
Three part disabled toilet alarm kit for the OmniCare EVC system.


OmniCare cabling & networking
The OmniCare system is wired in a loop configuration with different style remotes on one loop.


What is EVC?
What is emergency voice communication (EVC)?


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