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IP65 rated moisture resistant disabled toilet alarm showers wet rooms

Baldwin Boxall – IP65 Rated Moisture Resistant Disabled Toilet Alarm

The IP65 water resistance make this new range of disabled toilet alarm products suitable for use in shower cubicles and wet rooms.

Our IP65 rated moisture resistant disabled toilet alarm products make it possible to fit a disabled toilet alarm system in shower cubicles and other wet areas. Fully tested and certified to IP65 (Ingress Protection) standard, the new units can be purchased individually to connect to our toilet alarm system controllers – i.e. four-way control unit, Omnicare EVC or Care2 EVC.

Up until now, it is known that traditional style pull cords and buttons have been fitted in humid areas and rooms. This frequently leads to items becoming faulty and in need of replacement, which is not only an expensive inconvenience, but regrettably often results in a non-functional system.

Changing over to our IP65 rated moisture resistant disabled toilet alarm products will not only save on the finances but crucially will mean that a system is much less likely to fail.

IP65 water resistant toilet alarm

Not only are the products IP65 rated, they are also fully compliant to BS8300. There are four products in the range:

  • Pull cord – usually ceiling mounted (DTACPM).
  • Call button unit – an alternative option to the pull cord (DTACBM).
  • Reset button – enables either the caller or the ‘helper’ to cancel the alarm (DTARPM).
  • Call button & reset button – features both ‘call’ and ‘reset’ buttons in a single unit (DTACBRPM).

IP65 Moisture Resistant Toilet Alarm Product Features:

  • Surface mounting units suitable for use in any area where moisture would be a problem for a standard type of toilet alarm.
  • Each unit is supplied with a cable gland to ensure that the point of cable entry is suitably sealed to prevent any ingress of moisture.
  • Works with any Baldwin Boxall disabled toilet alarm product range.
  • Slave units are also available to work with the system (non-monitored).

The units will integrate with any of the following systems:

Product Dimensions:

80mm W x 80mm H x 60mm D.

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