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Disabled Refuge


Baldwin Boxall – CARE2 Disabled Refuge System

The CARE2 disabled refuge unit is a Type B outstation – BS5839-9:2008.


A refuge remote unit provides clear, hands free, two-way communication between person(s) in a refuge area and building control (or fire officers) during an evacuation event.

This is a Type B outstation as defined in BS5839-9:2021 – for use by the public and disabled persons requiring assistance.


  • Green or stainless steel finish
  • Induction loop output to feed an external amplifier
  • Surface mountable (optional flush mount bezel available)
  • Call is reset at the control console when the occupant of the refuge area has been safely evacuated
  • Hands-free, speech steered, operation

To comply with BS5839-9:2021 one refuge remote unit should be installed per refuge area. The recommended refuge remote mounting height is 900-1200mm from floor level (from the centre point).

Assistance Call:

  • Two methods to call for attention – pull cord or button on the remote unit
  • Hands free two way speech communication
  • Assess the nature of the call prior to responding
  • Multiple units can be connected radially
  • No local power is necessary – all items are powered via the control panel
  • Assistance call – proven CARE2 technology

BIM objects are available for CARE2: Download BIM

The product codes:

  • C2RRG
  • C2RRS
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Further information:

Please note: Stainless steel products are not intended for installation in humid areas.

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