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Care2 Control Console


Baldwin Boxall – Care2 EVC Control Console

Control panel for two-way communication between disabled refuge, fire, steward & roaming telephones

The Care2 control console has a bright and clear LCD screen and is operated by a rotary encoder. Any combination of Care2 outstations can be connected to the panel.

The 4-way panel can be expanded to 8, 12 or 16-way by means of an optional expansion kit (not factory fitted). Larger systems are possible by adding a second control panel and/or network expansion panel(s).


  • Black or stainless steel finish
  • Unique design, easy to operate
  • Clear LCD screen with rotary encoder/control
  • Rugged red handset with hearing aid compatible earpiece
  • Handset is mounted in lockable compartment
  • Optional link to fire detection system prevents hoax disabled refuge calls (C2CFPE required)
  • Can be networked with network expansion panels (C2CN card required in control console(s))
  • Surface mount (optional flush mount bezel available)
(BIM objects are available for CARE2 system products. To download your copy please click on the link at the bottom of this page.)

Did you know? To comply with BS5839-9:2011 the centre point of the control console should be mounted at 1400-1500mm from floor level. For more information: EVC system mounting heights.

Networking Facility:

  • Up to two ‘control’ consoles (one will act as a ‘slave’ unit) can be linked on a network (a C2CN network card is needed for each panel)
  • Larger systems are easily catered for using the network expansion panel (NEP)
  • Please refer to ‘Care2 cabling & networking‘ for more information.
  • When adding the control console to a network, a C2CN network card is required.

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The product codes:

  • C2CB4 (black)
  • C2CS4 (stainless steel)
  • C2CEK4 (expansion module)
  • C2CFPE (fire panel option)
  • C2CN (network card)

Care2 provides an alternative solution to our popular (loop-wired) Omnicare system. Which EVC system suits your needs?

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