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Reasons To Install Voice Evacuation

Reasons To Install a Voice Evacuation Alarm System

Do you need a reason to install a voice alarm system?

If you are not sure whether to install a voice evacuation alarm system, the information below may help you to decide.

A voice evacuation alarm system provides building managers with many facilities – it is not only for use during an emergency evacuation of a building. Certainly, a voice evacuation system’s primary purpose is to provide staff and public with clear information during situations such as a fire. Thankfully, for most, the eventuality of being in a building during a fire is not a daily occurrence and such events are relatively rare.

During times of ‘non-emergency’ these systems are commonly put to use every day, in a variety of ways. The chances are that when you are doing your shopping, visiting the cinema or cheering on your team at a rugby match – you are hearing announcements from a voice evacuation system.

The cost of installing a voice evacuation system may not be top of the agenda for some, however, apart from the key safety advantages of the system, it has many other uses – most commonly for public address (PA) purposes. After all – if you are installing a fire alarm system – why do you need anything more?

Consider what a voice alarm system offers:

  • Clear spoken instructions to people during an emergency event.
  • Reduces the “It’s just a false alarm, let’s ignore it” concept (resulting in a high risk to life).
  • Full control during the evacuation of a building – area by area – floor by floor – multiple areas/floors – all at once; whichever is appropriate for the situation and layout of the building.
  • Installation in a wide variety of sites and buildings.
  • Phased evacuation.
  • Day-to-day advantages – public address, background music and more.
  • Battery-backed – it will continue to operate even in the event of a mains power failure.
  • Ambient noise sensing – broadcasts will still be heard even when background noise levels increase (the VA system can automatically adjust the volume of the broadcast).
Additionally, you may have a requirement for a public address system, again, it might be worth considering the benefits of investing in a quality voice evacuation system.

If you have any questions we are here to help.

Why VIGIL is a good choice:

  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom.
  • Fully BS EN54 tested and certified.
  • Robust, high quality products.
  • Flexible system design.
  • Bespoke product availability.

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