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Remote Monitoring

Voice Alarm Interface for Remote Monitoring

The BVRDIP enables remote monitoring of VIGIL2 voice alarm systems via the internet. Installation will provide great benefits, especially for maintenance engineers, by sending automatic notification of any fault detected.

Voice Alarm Monitoring:

A voice alarm system must be monitored at all times – from microphone to the end of the loudspeaker line. This is done automatically and any fault that is detected is indicated at relevant points on the system. Guidelines for the monitoring and indication are laid down in the British Standard BS5839-8.

All this monitoring and reporting is done automatically by the system and building/facility managers, fire safety officers (or similar) are generally responsible for checking that any indicated faults are acted upon swiftly. Additionally, there should be regular visual and audible tests being carried out on the system to ensure that it is functioning correctly – the system absolutely MUST work when it is needed most, during an EMERGENCY.

About the BVRDIP Voice Alarm Interface:

Our BVRDIP unit, when installed in a VIGIL2 voice alarm rack, constantly checks the fault status of the entire system – it never sleeps. Should a fault be detected, the unit automatically sends notification via email to up to six recipients. The unit also enables remote log in, via the internet, to view the current status of the system and to view or download detailed fault logs.


Typical screen shot

Laauser & Vohl has been the distributor for Baldwin Boxall for Germany since 1996. We are proud to have these very good products for our voice alarm business. Baldwin Boxall has a very good service, the staff are very helpful and delivery is on time.
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The Benefits:

  • Remotely monitor multiple sites via the internet.
  • Early and automatic notification of faults via email.
  • Easy diagnostics from a single point of access.
  • Log in at any time to check on the status of a system.
  • Simple and intuitive set up via DHCP.
  • Can be fitted to any VIGIL2 EVAS voice alarm system – future or currently installed.

The Features:

  • View fault status for any connected router on the VIGIL2 network.
  • Email notification of the occurrence of any new faults anywhere on the system.
  • View and download detailed fault logs.
  • Compatible with smart phones and tablets.
  • Automatic synchronisation of all router real time clocks to internet based time server.
  • Built in VIGIL2 network integrity checker.
  • RS485 connection to any VIGIL2 router on the voice alarm network.
  • Standard Ethernet connection to IP network.
  • Built in access control.
  • DIN rail mountable module.

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