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Vigil Evas BVRD2M Router

The BVRD2M EVAS VIGIL2 router is feature rich and is at the heart of many systems installed worldwide

The EVAS (EN54 certified) router forms the centre of voice alarm systems installed worldwide

At the heart of a Baldwin Boxall voice alarm/VACIE system is the VIGIL EVAS router. The VIGIL EVAS BVRD2M DSP-controlled router is well-established and has been installed in many prestigious sites Worldwide.

VIGIL EVAS routers are ‘feature rich’ and, in common with all Baldwin Boxall products, are built to a very high standard. A voice alarm system MUST work when needed – during an emergency such as a fire. Baldwin Boxall’s voice alarm systems are renowned for their reliability and can be installed with confidence.

There are two routers in the EVAS range – the BVRD2M and the BVRD2M4 – as well as slave router options. The modular style of the VIGIL2 voice alarm system offers great choice and flexibility. It is as suitable for small systems as it is for very large networked systems.

Did you know? EVAS routers work with our new transformerless VIGIL3 amplifiers for a fully EN54 certified voice alarm system. Read more…

The Voice Alarm Router:

The router is one key element of a voice alarm system. For the user, one of the router’s main functions is to direct a signal from a microphone (or other ‘input’), route it through the appropriate amplifier(s) to the loudspeaker(s) (the outputs). For instance, an operator wishes to make an announcement to colleagues in the staff room and offices. At the microphone they would select the necessary zones and begin speaking. That broadcast will then be heard by the people in the staff room and offices only. Multiple users can broadcast from different microphones, to different areas simultaneously. There can also be other activity, such as background music, to chosen areas at the same time. The EVAS router will take care of all of this, with ease.

Should an occasion arise where more than input is sent to the same zone at the same time, these will be broadcast according to priority. Microphones, messages and other inputs are given appropriate priority levels according to customer requirement and design of the system. This ensures that the most important broadcast overrides any other of a lower priority. All broadcasts across the entire system are ‘synchronised’ – if two inputs of the same priority attempt broadcast at the same time to a zone, these will be ‘delivered’ on a ‘first come first served’ basis. This is true on all VIGIL2 systems, including those where multiple racks and routers are required.

EVAS routers include digital storage for pre-recorded messages. Typically, as a minimum, these will include an emergency evacuation message, an alert message and a test message. Messages can also be of a non-critical nature, i.e. store closure times; with EVAS such messages can be set to trigger at a pre-set time, in line with the users requirements. Each BVRD2M router can hold up to six (flash stored) pre-recorded messages, which are either chosen from our library or can be specially recorded to suit the customer’s requirements. (If more messages are required, additional routers or ‘slave’ routers are simply included in the system design).

There are many more functions of a voice alarm router, for a full list, and product details, please refer to our documentation which is available for download at the bottom of this page.

There are two different routers in the VIGIL2 range and also two slave routers:

  • BVRD2M – capable of routeing eight inputs and seven outputs. Stores six messages. (The BVRD2M is pictured above).
  • BVRD2M4 – capable of routeing four inputs and four outputs. Stores six messages.
  • BVRD2S – slave router adds twelve inputs and sixteen outputs. Stores twelve messages.
  • BVRD2SLT – slave router adds six inputs and eight outputs. Stores six messages.

VIGIL2 EVAS routers are at the heart of very many voice alarm systems installed worldwide.
They are true workhorses and have plenty of features, both for the installer and for the end user.

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