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Touchscreen Control

Baldwin Boxall Touch Screen Control for Voice Alarm Systems

Voice alarm touch screen control microphone

Introducing the new EN54 certified touch screen control microphone – a multi-function user interface for VIGIL voice alarm systems.

The BVRDTSM is an easy to use microphone with a touch sensitive screen that provides full control of the voice alarm system. Special features include a Near Field Communication (NFC) smart card user access facility.

The microphone is a stylish unit which has all the functions that you would expect from a voice alarm system control microphone. It provides the user with unique options such as connecting a third party music feed directly to the microphone to broadcast to selected areas (or zones).

The unit has a dual output ability which provides the opportunity to route a broadcast via an alternative rack on the system – ideal for sites where separate A and B circuit racks are required. Another feature is the hard wired bypass input which enables an emergency ‘all call’ announcement in the unlikely event of a processor failure.


With straight-forward multi-page scroll through operation, the microphone enables full control of a VIGIL voice alarm system, including (access allowing):

  • Zone or ‘all call’ selection.
  • Live speech for general paging announcements.
  • Emergency paging facility – given highest priority on the system, automatically overriding all other broadcasts.
  • Select system stored messages – general and critical (with priority given to the most critical) – for broadcast to chosen zones.
  • Operators can use the microphone to record non-critical messages and store them for future use.
  • A third party music audio feed can be connected to the microphone. The output can then be routed by the user to a single, or combination, of zones.
  • Select and route background music for broadcast to individual or multiple zones.
  • Volume adjustment function provides the ability to change the volume of non-critical broadcasts to selected zones.
  • View detailed activity history and fault logs.
  • Configurable group buttons enable selection of multiple zones by a single touch.
  • Configurable function buttons enable automatic multiple message playback.

The VIGIL2 Unitouch touch screen PC

Unitouch touchscreen PC paging technology allows simple intuitive control of an EVAS voice alarm system. By touching the relevant part of the screen the operator can access fire microphones, page any/all zones, select and broadcast background music.

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  • Each system is designed specifically for the project it is intended. There are two screen display options: ‘button’ or ‘graphic layout’ view
  • All screens are menu-driven – enabling the user to quickly understand how to use the many features and operate the system
  • ‘Administrator’ and ‘guest’ accounts as standard. Further accounts with user rights can be added
  • User activity is logged, complete with time and date stamp
  • State-of-the-art high performance computer and screen all in one unit
  • High definition LCD display with fingertip touch sensitivity
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse

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