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Message Tones

Baldwin Boxall – Voice Alarm Tones

Below is a list of standard pre-announcement TONES for our VIGIL voice alarm system.

A. One note chime
B. Two note chime
C. Two note xylophone
D. Three note chime
E. Low frequency slow whoop (sweep 350-500Hz)
F. Low frequency fast whoop (sweep 350-500Hz)
G. High frequency slow whoop (sweep 594-834Hz)
H. High frequency fast whoop (sweep 594-834Hz)
J. Low frequency slow ‘dee daa’ (sweep 350-500Hz)
K. High frequency slow ‘dee daa’ (sweep 594-834Hz)
L. Low frequency fast ‘dee daa’ (sweep 350-500Hz)
M. High frequency fast ‘dee daa’ (sweep 594-834Hz)
N. Intermittent 1kHz tone
P. Continuous 1kHz tone
Q. High frequency 800 Hz-970Hz sweep at 7Hz
R. High frequency 800Hz-970Hz sweep at 7Hz – 1 sec on 1 sec off
S. Fire bell
T. 800Hz-1kHz ‘dee daa’



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