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Single-Point Diagnositics & Configuration

Single-Point Diagnostics & Configuration for the VIGIL3 Voice Alarm System enables quick diagnosis of system health – no matter how complex the installation!

Single-point diagnostics and configuration of your VIGIL3 voice alarm system – regardless of size or networking type – saves valuable time and minimises potential site disruption for your customer.

The single-point diagnostics and configuration ability with VIGIL3 removes the need for a maintenance engineer to walk through a building for message changes and so much more. From the single-point on site the engineer can fully access and diagnose the entire voice alarm system – no matter how complex the network. Therefore, if a message or configuration change is required on the remotest located rack, the engineer is able to work at the most convenient and accessible part of the system. There’s no need to walk through the building, thus saving valuable time for both the engineer and reducing interruption to those on site.  This is just one of the many benefits of the VIGIL3 voice alarm system!

The engineer can use any of the mini-B USB2 ports (which are fitted both on the front and rear of each BV3AOMB Audio Output Module) to access the entire system for single-point diagnostics. From this same point, the engineer is able to carry out the required system updates and much more.

The Single-Point diagnostics feature of a VIGIL3 voice alarm system

From a Single-Point on the VIGIL3 Voice Alarm System:

  • System wide monitoring and diagnostics
  • Fault accept – will silence all fault alarms (except microphones)
  • Fault reset
  • System wide configuration
  • Activity log access
  • Activity log download
  • Fault log access
  • Fault log download
  • Message upload
  • Message download
  • System wide ‘live faults’ viewing

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