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Twickenham Stadium


Seating an impressive 82,000 spectators, Twickenham is the largest dedicated rugby union venue in the world. The first rugby match was played on this site over 100 years ago, in 1909 – a battle between local sides Harlequins and Richmond. The RFU (Rugby Football Union) is proud of the stadium and of the friendly atmosphere generated during a match, with families and children seated alongside ardent fans. Easily accessible by road or rail, the stadium is also home to other events with the likes of U2, R.E.M, Bon Jovi and The Rolling Stones holding concerts.

The Disabled Refuge System:

  • 64-way master control panel
  • 57 surface mounted Advance disabled refuge remotes
  • Battery backed for 24 hours on standby and 3 hours on full load
  • Linked to the fire alarm system
  • Fire alarm override for system testing

The disabled refuge areas are strategically placed throughout the site including an upper level spectator area for wheelchair users. An evacuation lift and refuge point, within a few yards of this area, provide maximum safety for spectators that need assistance during an evacuation.

Stewards and staff are responsible for the evacuation of specific areas, with stewards responsible for the pitch/arena and staff for the office areas. By using the designated refuge points and Omnicare system during an emergency enables an efficient and effective evacuation of all.

Carolyn Tiller is the Health & Safety Manager at the stadium and is delighted with the system. “We are thankful that we have not been in a position to have to use the refuge system during an emergency but are grateful for its existence. We know it will be ready to operate should ever the need arise. The units look good and are certainly well built.”

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