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Dublin Airport, Eire


A prestigious project using Baldwin Boxall hardware and Archean Technologies’ VoIP firmware and BVCONT units.


  • 19 zones
  • 9 x BVRD2M routers
  • 12 x BVRD2S slave routers + a number of BVRD2SLTs
  • 39 x BVSMP – switch mode power supplies
  • 85 x class D amplifier units providing a capacity of 24,120 Watts
  • 12 x BVRD32 – 32-zone control microphones
  • 87 x BDM401 – single-zone paging microphones
  • Archean BVCONT controllers
  • Ambient noise sensors
  • Numerous messages


The original VIGIL voice evacuation / public address system at Dublin airport has undergone a massive change. Sound Productions (Ireland) won the prestigious project and turned to Baldwin Boxall for system design and supply. In turn, due to some of the specification requirements, including the need for a massive number of stored messages, Baldwin Boxall approached Archean Technologies (France).

The system is complex and features more inputs and outputs than any other Baldwin Boxall VIGIL system to date. It includes specially adapted BDM400 series microphones at the gates; each desk has its own microphone with the capability to only operate when the desk is manned and a password typed at the operator’s station. Thus preventing misuse by others. These microphones use Archean’s firmware and have the capability to operate the company’s message storage units, providing each pier station with its own dedicated set of messages and access to further system messages if required.

The system, as a whole, employs Baldwin Boxall VIGIL hardware and some Archean Technologies’ hardware and firmware. The collaboration between Sound Productions, Archean Technologies and Baldwin Boxall ensured the system was installed and commissioned efficiently and entirely to the requirements of the complex specification.

Other features include: digital fibre networking, ambient noise sensors and paging communications throughout the site (from each of the BVRD microphones). The system links to the existing analogue annunciator panel for further control facilities. In the event of an error being detected on any part of the system, this is logged on a PC and the event is automatically emailed to the system maintainer. Also, Archean Technologies’ equipment provides the system with the ability to link to the passenger information displays (PIDS).

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The VIGIL voice evacuation system is in constant use for announcements throughout the operating hours of the airport. It is also there for use during an emergency and will enable efficient evacuation of the public and staff from any areas of the site that are at risk should the need arise. The ambient noise sensors ensure that announcements are clearly heard at busy/noisy times, also, equally important, announcements are not over loud when the airport is quiet.

As always, fully monitored and battery-backed the system will continue to function, even if there is a mains power failure.

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