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Broadgate Tower, City of London


Broadgate Tower, City of London, is a very impressive building in the making. Standing 35 floors (164 metres) above ground level, needing 14,000 tonnes of steel, a total of 877 steps in the staircases and 40,000 square metres of glass cladding. Adjoining the tower is 201 Bishopsgate, a 13 storey building, and between the two is a covered area for retail use. Both structures are home to Baldwin Boxall voice alarm and fire telephone systems.

The Systems:

Baldwin Boxall’s VA systems for the two buildings cover a total of 55 loudspeaker zones. The equipment supplied includes: 11 DSP controlled routers; an incredible 436U total rack height; 1,274 Kilos in batteries and a massive 32,560 Watts available in power output! The two fire telephone systems consist of a 96-way and a 64-way master control panel and a total of 125 fire telephones with beacons.
A state-of-the-art large project such as this requires an equivalently large VA system – easily achieved with the VIGIL EVAS router and VIGIL2 amplifiers. The system will be fed and controlled by a combination of annunciator panels, fire and paging microphones.
Taking on the task of installation is Hall & Kay Fire Engineering who, together with Baldwin Boxall, have ensured that the system is designed to meet the demanding specification and installed at the appropriate stage. Commenting on the project, Darren Mussell, Sales Manager, Hall & Kay said “We were delighted to be chosen to head this project and are happy in the knowledge that Baldwin Boxall’s system will easily cope with the demands of this amazing skyscraper in the heart of the city.”

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