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Baldwin Boxall – Omnicare EVC Cabling & Networking

The Omnicare EVC system is loop wired – with any combination of outstations on a single loop. Omnicare has full networking capability.

Omnicare is an addressable emergency voice communication system that allows disabled refuge, fire telephones, emergency/steward telephones and disabled toilet alarms to be connected to one master control panel. (You may like to know that we have BIM drawings for the Omnicare system. If you would like copies of these please click on the link at the bottom of this page.)


  • Any combination of remote units can be linked to the control panel on a single wiring loop
  • Up to 200m cable run between remote units and master control panel as standard. A repeater unit (BVOCRIF) must be used if distance between remotes exceeds 200m
  • Typically 20-30 remotes per loop
  • Repeater units (BVOCRIF) are used to connect the DTAKIT 3-part toilet alarm to the system

For full product specification please refer to the sales leaflet:

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