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Reliable communication methods are vital for use in areas where members of public are likely to congregate – this is particularly poignant for airports, over ground and underground rail stations, and the like, where large numbers of people can be present at any one time.

Airports, bus terminals, over ground and underground rail stations and sea ports are very likely to require either a public address (PA) or voice alarm (VA) system. Few of these systems will be a basic single-zone public address type. A VIGIL multi-zone, EN54 certified, voice alarm system will provide both of these elements with ease.

It is a well-known fact that people are slow to respond to traditional bells and sounders in the event of an emergency – with fatal consequences. Following an initial alarm signal, a voice alarm system will broadcast clear voiced instructions, relevant to the situation be it a fire, a bomb threat or any other emergency. A VIGIL system, with its pre-recorded voice messages (which can be multi-lingual), ensures controlled evacuation.

This type of system is fully monitored and therefore provides a reliable method of communication – it must work, even during a mains power failure (regular maintenance and system checking is important, read more).  As well as the automated phased evacuation ability, there are many benefits that come with a VIGIL voice alarm system. They include live public address broadcasts, background music, ambient noise sensing (to ensure the correct volume of broadcast at all times), timed messaging, and more.

Being modular, the VIGIL system provides great flexibility in system design. This, together with a choice of control options (including a state-of-the-art touchscreen paging station, PADS approved radio microphones and fire officers’ microphones), enables us to supply the complete solution for any project.

In addition to voice alarm, many buildings will need disabled refuge, fire telephone systems and disabled toilet alarm system. Known as EVC, we offer two solutions for this type of system – Omnicare (loop wired) and Care2 (radial wired).

Application Requirements:

Operational Benefits:

  • Provision of clear and precise instructions in the event of an emergency
  • Zonal / ‘all call’ facility for phased evacuation and coded messages
  • Selectable emergency / alert alarm tones
  • Routeing to selected loudspeaker zones
  • Clear announcements to concourse, platforms and all public and staff areas
  • Gate announcements, advanced timed messaging
  • Background / mood music, with interrupt for announcements
  • Central monitoring of all disabled toilet alarms
  • Permanently active fire telephone system

A few of our projects:

  • Acton Station
  • Baden Airport
  • Belfast City Station
  • Bell Common Tunnel, M25
  • Blackfriars Station
  • Bordeaux Rail Station
  • Bristol Airport
  • Charles De Gaulle Airport
  • Clapham Junction
  • Cruise Terminal Southampton
  • Dijon Tramway
  • Dubai International Airport
  • Dublin Airport
  • Felixstowe Docks
  • Gare du Nord
  • Glasgow Underground
  • Liverpool South Parkway
  • London Underground
  • Lyon Funicular
  • Madrid Underground
  • Manchester Airport
  • Marylebone Station
  • Medina Airport
  • Nimes Tramway
  • Northumberland Park
  • Nottingham Tramway
  • Palm Tunnel UAE
  • Paris Metro
  • Paris Tramway
  • Poole Harbour
  • Port of Tilbury
  • RATP Paris
  • Rouen Bus Stations
  • Rouen Subway
  • Shannon Airport
  • South Africa Railway Project
  • Strasbourg to Colmar Stations
  • Stratford Bus Station
  • Toulouse Transport Station Centre
  • Victoria Station
  • Waterloo Station

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