Expansion project

Due to the ongoing support of existing and new customers and with a clear growth strategy in place over the coming years, it soon became apparent that we needed to look at expanding Baldwin Boxall.

The expansion project has been a few years in the making, but we are pleased and very proud to say that the works started on the 1st June.
It is made up of two phases, focusing on our St Florian site by internally opening up all four factory units.
This will give the business approximately 50% more capacity and will be used for our systems build/test and various warehouse departments.

The way in which the project works have been designed is for minimal disruption of the day to day running of the business, to ensure that our customers will not experience any service level variation during this time.

These two expansion phases are due to be complete by January 2024 and we are all very excited to see the completion of the project. We will utilise this additional area to grow into over the coming years.

In addition, and in line with our environmental mission statement, we will install a 106kW solar photovoltaic system consisting of 264 solar panels. This will be capable of producing enough electricity to meet our daily business demands and also power our EV charging points.