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EN54-24 Loudspeakers for Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems

EN54-24 Loudspeakers for Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems

Our range of high-quality EN54-2 loudspeakers are delivered ready for installation for DC line monitored and also end-of-line monitored voice alarm systems.

EN54-24 Loudspeakers for Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems

Baldwin Boxall has a range of loudspeakers for public address and voice alarm systems for both indoor and outdoor installations. Our high-quality, EN54-24 certified loudspeakers provide you with reliable solutions for both commercial and industrial use.

Designed for reliability and ease of installation, our EN54-24 certified and BS5839-8 compliant loudspeakers are of a very high-quality build. They are delivered complete with a fitted capacitor making them ready for DC line monitoring so that there is no messing around prior to installation. Also, our loudspeakers are ideal for end-of-line monitored systems because the fitted capacitor does not reduce the broadcast clarity or efficiency at all.

Clarity is key for any broadcast from your voice alarm system which is a ‘life safety’ system. By installing a Baldwin Boxall system you can be assured of a top quality product with support to match. The addition of our loudspeakers will ensure that you will get the best from your installed VIGIL voice alarm system.

Our loudspeakers are of a very high quality, powerful and completely reliable. We have options available for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. With the addition of these loudspeakers to our range of products we are able to provide you with a complete solution for your voice alarm system or project.

Please remember:

It is paramount that your system is installed using the correct cabling, following the correct methods, and is commissioned and maintained according to BS5839-8. We really care about our product and cannot stress strongly enough that suitably qualified installers and also engineers should be employed to carry out this work.

Please see below for downloadable information sheets on our EN54-24 voice alarm loudspeakers. If you are unable to find what you are looking for then do ring our Sales Team on +44 (0)1892 664422 who will be happy to help.

Our EN54-24 voice alarm loudspeakers:

Cabinet Loudspeaker (SPRSAFE561-54T) Ceiling Loudspeaker (SPRVES561-54T) Column Loudspeaker (SPRCAS15-54T) Projector Loudspeaker (SPRCAP15-54T) Horn Loudspeaker (SPRDSP-15-54T)
Product Code Type Max Tapping Sensitivity 1W/4m Frequency Range
S54-CAB-6W Cabinet 6 Watts 77 dB 100 Hz-13 kHz
S54-CLG-6W Ceiling 6 Watts 77 dB 100 Hz-13 kHz
S54-COL-15W Column 15 Watts 75 dB 100 Hz-20 kHz
S54-PRJ-15W Projector 15 Watts 77 dB 100 Hz-10 kHz
S54-HRN-15W Horn 15 Watts 88 dB 100 Hz-11 kHz

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