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Emergency Voice Communication

Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) Systems from Baldwin Boxall

Baldwin Boxall Life Safety Systems 7 Year Warranty

Added peace of mind with our 7 year warranty

When it comes to the systems you rely upon to keep lives safe, complete confidence is the least you should expect. So now all new Baldwin Boxall products come with a manufacturer warranty of 7 years* as standard!

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Emergency voice communication (or EVC) systems provide two-way communication during the evacuation of a building during a fire or other emergency. We manufacture two types of system: the radial-wired Care2 and the loop-wired Omnicare.

Omnicare and Care2 are fully BS5839-9 and BS8300 compliant and include options for fire telephone, disabled refuge, steward telephone and disabled toilet alarm outstations.

Do you have a FireCare, AssureCare, CommuniCare or CommuniCare Advance system? If so, you may be interested to know that Omnicare employs the same cabling structure as these earlier systems. If you are considering upgrading or expanding your disabled refuge or fire telephone system Omnicare would be an ideal option. Read more…

More information about EVC systems can be found here.

Care2 v Omnicare

Compare Care2 with Omnicare

Which system suits you?

A guide highlighting the difference between the two systems.


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