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Compare Care2 With Omnicare

Baldwin Boxall Communications – Compare Care2 with Omnicare

Our emergency voice communication systems offer a variety of options

We manufacture two types of emergency voice communication (EVC) system:

The information below highlights the main differences between the two systems. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, or you require further assistance, please contact either our Sales Department or Marketing Department. We will be happy to help.

An important point to remember is that you cannot combine the two systems.

Which system suits your needs?

System type Radial wired. Loop wired.
Cabling 2 core fire resisting. 4 core fire resisting.
Networking Yes (256 remote units). Yes (maximum 127 remote units).
Control panels:
Options 4, 8, 12 or 16-way. 8, 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112 or 127-way.
Finish Black or stainless steel. Grey or stainless steel.
Operation LCD screen & rotary encoder. Tactile membrane switches.
Mounting Surface or flush mount (with bezel). Surface or flush mount (with bezel).
Lockable door Covers handset only. Full cover – glazed.
Disabled refuge:
Standard remote finish Green or stainless steel. Green or stainless steel.
Advance remote finish N/A Green with Braille and raised luminescent text.
Induction loop Output to feed external amplifier In the front panel of Advance unit. Not available on the standard remote.
Call reset At control panel. At control panel or remote unit.
Fire (fighter) telephone:
Fire telephone finish Red or stainless steel. Red or stainless steel.
Door type Push or slot lock. Push or slot lock.
Operation Opening door initiates call. Lift handset for speech communication. Opening door initiates call. Lift handset for speech communication.
Conference call facility Yes, via control panel – including roaming telephones. Yes, via control panel.
External beacon/sounder N/A Available as an option.
Emergency (steward) telephone:
Finish and operation Same as for ‘Fire (fighter) telephone’. (Green). Same as for ‘Fire (fighter) telephone’. (Green).
Roaming telephone:
Roaming handset Yes, red. N/A
Monitored handset enclosure Holds up to 6 handsets. Black or stainless steel finish. N/A
Jack sockets UK or American. Stainless steel. N/A
Disabled toilet alarm:
Connection to system Yes, direct to control panel Via repeater unit

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