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Commissioning & Maintenance

Maintenance & Commissioning Service for your Baldwin Boxall  System – ensure your life-safety system will function as it is meant to should an emergency event occur!

Regular maintenance of Voice Alarm (VA) & Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) systems is a requirement of BS5839.

Although a VIGIL voice alarm (VA) system is well-known for its longevity, it is a BSEN54 / BS5839-8 certified voice alarm system and, as such, MUST be regularly checked and maintained. The requirement for maintenance is fully described in the British Standard BS5839-8. It is a life safety system and therefore must work when most needed – during an emergency. Regular maintenance is essential.

Regular checks and maintenance of an Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) system are also vital – and a requirement of BS5839-9. Systems that come under the EVC ‘banner’ are Disabled Refuge Area Communication, Fire Telephone Systems and Steward Telephone Communication Systems.

We offer a comprehensive commissioning and maintenance service for all our systems.

Voice alarm, disabled refuge and fire telephone systems are life safety systems and it is imperative that they work when needed – during a fire or other emergency. Regular checks and servicing help to ensure that these systems are kept in a fully functioning condition.

Systems that are neglected are unlikely to comply with relevant standards, more worrying is the fact that they could fail when they are most needed – during a life-threatening emergency. We cannot stress enough on the importance of regular and thorough maintenance for this type of system.

We have produced system Log Books which are freely available for your use, simply click on the link (right) to request your copy.

If you have one of our systems on site which is not being maintained, please do get in touch, we will be happy to provide you with a suitable quotation.

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DID YOU KNOW that our latest VIGIL3 voice alarm system features single-point diagnostics & configuration – no matter how large the installation? This saves valuable time and minimises site disruption!

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