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Roaming Telephone


Baldwin Boxall – Care2 Roaming Telephones

Care2 roaming telephone handsets are monitored whilst stored in the specially designed enclosure.

The Care2 roaming telephone is a portable handset for use at the specially designed jack sockets. The jack sockets are positioned at appropriate points throughout a building.

The roaming telephones are stored in an enclosure which, as well as keeping them protected and secure, provides the added advantage of monitoring the handsets whilst not in use.

The handset:

  • Robust unit with hearing aid compatible earpiece (T-coil)

Jack sockets:

  • Stainless steel finish
  • Any number can be daisy chained (one operational per line at any one time)
  • Conference call facility via control console
  • Care2 jack socket for roaming telephone
  • UK and American options available
  • roaming-telephone-new

  • care2-roaming-telephone-2

Handset enclosure:

  • Black or stainless steel enclosure
  • Lockable glass door
  • Holds up to six handsets
  • Green reassurance LEDs
  • Self powered from the line
  • Surface mountable (optional flush mount bezel available)

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The product codes:

  • C2RTH
  • C2RTJA
  • C2RTEB
  • C2RTES

Further information:

Care2 provides an alternative solution to our popular (loop-wired) Omnicare system. Which EVC system suits your needs?

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