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Fire Fighter Telephone


Baldwin Boxall – Care2 Fire Fighter Telephone System

The Care2 fire fighter telephone is a Type A outstation – BS5839-9:2011.

For the BIM object of this product (and all other items for the Care2 EVC system) please see the link at the bottom of this page.

The fire fighter telephone is used by fire officers or building management during an emergency – such as a fire. It is a means of direct communication between those in different areas/levels of a building and a trained/responsible person at the control console. There is also a ‘conference call’ and an ‘all call’ facility built into the system.

A fire fighter telephone (Type A outstation – BS5839-9:2011) assists with the efficient evacuation of a building, providing a method of clear communication between two or more points.

In a typical installation, a fire fighter telephone is located on each floor of a building (as a minimum) in areas that are easily accessible.


  • Red or stainless steel finish
  • Robust handset in heavy duty enclosure
  • Handset has a hearing aid compatible earpiece (T-coil)
  • Full duplex speech
  • Push or slot lock door versions available (door latch initiates call)
  • Conference facility – including roaming telephone handsets
  • Surface mountable (optional flush mount bezel available)

To comply with BS5839-9:2011, the centre point of a fire fighter telephone should be mounted between 1300-1400mm from floor level.

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More information

The product codes:

  • C2FTRP
  • C2FTSP
  • C2FTRL
  • C2FTSL

Please note: Stainless steel products are not intended for installation in humid areas.

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