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Steward Telephone


Baldwin Boxall – Care2 Steward Telephone

The Care2 steward telephone is a Type A outstation – BS5839-9:2011.

The steward telephone is designed for sports venues and stadia.

According to BS5839-9:2011, in a sports venue (or similar site) no-one should have to travel more than 30m to reach the nearest outstation. A steward telephone is referred to as a Type A outstation in BS5839-9:2011.

This style of outstation is typically used by stewards during an emergency. It provides a method of clear communication between stewards in different areas, enabling up-to-date information on a situation to be conveyed.


  • Green finish
  • Robust handset in heavy duty enclosure
  • Handset has a hearing aid compatible earpiece (T-coil)
  • Full duplex speech
  • Push or slot lock door versions available (door latch initiates call)
  • Conference facility
  • Surface mountable (optional flush mount bezel available)

To comply with BS5839-9:2011, the centre point of an emergency telephone should be mounted between 1300-1400mm from floor level.
BIM objects are available for our Care2 system: Download Care2 BIM


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Care2 provides an alternative solution to our popular (loop-wired) OmniCare system.
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The product codes:

  • C2ETGL

Please note: Stainless steel products are not intended for installation in humid areas.

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