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BT Interfaces

Telephone Paging Interface – Desktop Paging Facility

Make public/staff announcements through your telephone system

Installing a BT5 or BT8 enables staff to make public address announcements from their own desk telephone by simply dialing into an allocated extension number.

The free-standing units act as an interface between the analogue telephone system and the public address system.


BT5 unit:

  • The BT5 will provide the user an acknowledge tone, followed by a chime (optional OPT33 fitted). A live broadcast announcement can then be made.
  • Upon completion of the broadcast the BT5 will disconnect from the PA system and release the telephone extension ready to accept another call.

BT8 unit:

  • Additional facility enables the user to pre-record an announcement. This reduces the risk of feedback where the telephone is adjacent to a loudspeaker.
  • When connected to a telephone system with MF signalling, the BT8 enables the user to select up to eight zones via the telephone keypad.
  • An internal selector determines if the recorded message is played once or twice.

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