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BFM400 Emergency Fire Microphones

Emergency Fire Microphones

BFM400 emergency fire microphones are EN54 certified

BFM400 is a range of fully monitored emergency fire microphones which are housed in a robust rated lockable steel enclosure.

Products in the range include:

(Dimensions mm HxDxW)

  • BFM401 – single zone – 200 x 82 x 300 – 3.44 kg
  • BFM404 – four zone – 200 x 82 x 300 – 3.58 kg
  • BFM408 – eight zone – 200 x 82 x 300 – 5.0 kg

RAL 2002 finish.


  • The single zone BFM401 can be set to connect via RS485 or a parallel hard-wired connection
  • The BFM404 and BFM408 multi-zone microphones communicate with the main control system via an RS485 communications link
  • Zone select’ buttons and ‘all call’ button
  • The first microphone capsule can be set for either monitored or unmonitored use during configuration
  • Option to fit a ‘processor bypass’ hard-wired press-to-talk switch
  • Option to fit flip-top switches to enable DVA (digital voice announcement) messages to be broadcast

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