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Advance Stainless Steel Disabled Refuge Unit

The Advance Stainless Steel Disabled Refuge Unit

A stylish and full featured disabled refuge outstation for the Omnicare EVC system.

This is the latest addition to our popular Omnicare range – a fully featured disabled refuge communication unit with a stylish stainless steel finish – the BVOCAS2.

In common with all Omnicare outstations, the new Advance unit is self-powered and battery-backed via the ring circuit – no local power source is required. With its luminescent features and bright LED ring around the button, the Advance unit is easier to spot should the mains power or lighting fails. The Braille titles and raised text are designed to aid where the user’s sight is poor. These features, combined with the high quality, robust feel, will provide confidence in use – a very important consideration when people may well be feeling vulnerable during an evacuation emergency.

We now have four disabled refuge units for this range – two green and two stainless steel. Each unit is capable of either surface or flush mounting*, so there are plenty of options for installers and building managers when deciding on the most appropriate style and function.

Further information that you might be interested in:

* A bezel is required for flush mounting (these are available separately in green and stainless steel finishes as appropriate).

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