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About the VIGIL3 Voice Alarm System

About the VIGIL3 Voice Alarm System and its Benefits

The VIGIL3 voice alarm system has many benefits, here we look at the system in more detail.

Introducing VIGIL3:

Built on decades of experience, VIGIL3 is our most flexible, scalable and powerful system to date. It is our next generation of voice alarm and, as with all of our products, the range has been designed and built with quality and absolute reliability in mind.

Built on a fault-tolerant Ethernet backbone that requires no Ethernet switches, VIGIL3 is entirely modular for complete scalability. Rather than a centralised voice alarm router, inputs and outputs are now delivered via modules which can easily be distributed across a project.

Systems can grow according to a user’s needs and, with up to 400 inputs (i.e. microphones, music sources, etc) and 800 outputs (i.e. zones/areas of a building) possible on a single system, VIGIL3 is an investment for the future.

In short, VIGIL3 is suitable for any size system – from the smallest retail shop, with a single, simple rack, up to the largest international airport, with its complex configurations with hundreds of inputs and outputs. Our next-generation technology makes it a better, more flexible solution at every level and we believe it to be the most advanced voice alarm system on the market today.

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About the System:

The design of the amplifier modules for VIGIL3 has also been completely overhauled, enabling greater efficiency and performance. The new, self-powered VIGIL3 amplifier models are now an amazing 66% lighter and considerably more compact than their predecessors, thanks to the use of innovative transformerless technology, and this despite the fact that they now incorporate a power supply. The smaller size and increased efficiency mean less rack space for easier, more cost-effective installation. There are five amplifier modules in the range to suit every eventuality and they are backwards-compatible with the VIGIL2 system for easy upgrade.

In addition to the audio input modules, audio output modules and amplifier modules, there are a wide range of other modules offering connectivity to other equipment or services (GPIO, fire panel and more). VIGIL3 networking options include fire-rated CAT5 or equivalent, and multi- or single-mode, fire-rated fibre – all supporting up to 64 simultaneous live audio channels. These modules can used in any combination, as needed, depending on the requirements of the system.

Configuration and control could not be easier, thanks to our large format touch screen GUI which enables multi-layer graphical control without the need for a PC. It is completely configurable by the installer – with absolutely no programming or special tools required – and provides single-point access for operation, configuration, monitoring and reporting. All this without any ongoing licence fees – ever.

Store up to 254, fully monitored fully synchronised, messages per system, all replicated in every output module, for emergency and non-emergency broadcast. This is in addition to the, non-critical, messages which can be stored locally on a touch screen microphone. The synchronisation of messages ensures that, when the same message needs to be broadcast to individual zones, there is no overlap of speech – i.e. the same message will be heard at the same time in all selected zones. This is particularly important when selected zones are close to each other, such as in a large open warehouse, campus, etc.

Other features available on a VIGIL3 system, which further ensure optimum clarity of any broadcast, include adjustable 24 band parametric equalisation, high quality amplification and ‘ambient noise sensing’ microphones.

As you would expect from an EN54 voice alarm system, VIGIL3 is constantly monitored for faults, from each input (microphone) across all cabling and equipment through to the outputs (loudspeakers). The monitoring is automatic and is done by sending a surveillance signal through the system at regular intervals, either at 30 Hz or 24 kHz.

Features & Benefits:

  • Supports up to 64 simultaneous audio channels.
  • Supports up to 400 inputs and 800 outputs.
  • Supports up to 254 monitored voice alarm messages.
  • Fully modular and expandable.
  • Fast and responsive large systems.
  • Fault tolerant networking.
  • Single-point diagnostics and configuration ability on-site.
  • Truly distributed but forming a single voice alarm system
  • Can be realised as both rack and wall mounted Eclipse systems.
  • Adjustable equalisation broadcast (electronically balanced (0dBM) with up to 24 band parametric EQ).
  • Optional audio delay of up to one second of broadcast.
  • 30 Hz or 24 kHz system surveillance.
  • Internal connections all CAT5 for ease of assembly and maintenance.
  • Site-wide message synchronisation – even on decentralised systems.
  • No Ethernet switches required.
  • Absolutely no licence fees.
  • Supports all Baldwin Boxall amplifiers and speaker line monitoring solutions.
  • Supports standard Baldwin Boxall microphones.
  • All connections monitored for reliability and peace of mind.
  • Mix and match copper and fibre network interfaces.
  • Will keep working even during mains power failure (24 hours standby (optional 72 hours if required) and 30 minutes full power).


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