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About CARE2


Baldwin Boxall – About the Care2 EVC System

Disabled refuge communication, toilet alarms, fire fighter telephones, steward telephones and roaming telephones controlled from one panel.

Our R&D team went ‘back to the drawing board’ for Care2. This has resulted in a revolutionary style control console with LCD and a rotary encoder/control.

The system also benefits from the addition of roaming telephone handsets which are monitored when stored in the specially designed enclosure. The green reassurance LEDs in the enclosure provide an ‘at-a-glance’ confirmation that the handset is healthy.

The jack sockets for the roaming telephones have a stainless steel finish and are currently available for UK and American style backboxes.

Care2 has been developed to provide an alternative EVC option for installers and end-users. It has been designed to complement our popular (loop-wired) Omnicare system.


BIM objects are available for our Care2 EVC system: Download BIM object for Care2

Care2 Emergency Voice Communication System Features:

  • Radial wired (fire rated two-core cable)
  • Ideal for retro-fitting old star-wired systems
  • Simple to navigate and control
  • Fully monitored – including roaming telephones when stored in the enclosure
  • Fully compliant to BS5839-9:2011
  • Assists companies with compliance to BS9999:2008
  • All outstations powered from the line
  • Disabled refuge remote units
  • Fire telephones
  • Emergency/steward telephones
  • Roaming telephones
  • Disabled toilet alarms
  • Activity/fault log
  • Battery-backed for use in the event of power failure (three hours active plus 24 hours standby)

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