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EN54 GUI Touch Screen Graphical User Interface for Voice Alarm

Large format touch screen Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Our large format GUI is a fully configurable touch screen control option for VIGIL3 voice alarm systems

Our large format touch screen GUI enables graphical control of a VIGIL3 voice alarm system without the need for a PC. Known as the BVRDTSMMON, the GUI is linked to a BVRDTSM (touch screen microphone) and offers a fully configurable, easy to use solution for a stylish voice alarm system control.

There are no licence fees to pay and the system can be set up without the need for specialist tools or knowledge, no programming is required.

The BVRDTSMMON GUI and the BVRDTSM microphone work together and, in combination, are BS EN54 certified. If you would like to see a copy of the certificate, please feel free to download it here.

Great attention to detail was taken when designing the GUI and VIGIL3, thus ensuring that the capabilities were of benefit to all involved in a voice alarm system, including the user(s), installer(s) and maintenance engineer(s).

Installers & Integrators have the ability to:

  • Design multi-layer graphical user interfaces for even the most complex of installations.
  • Import floor plan graphics or wallpapers.
  • Add and move link buttons to navigate between layers to enable ‘drill down’ user interfaces.
  • Add, move, re-size and re-name zone buttons when the customer’s requirements change.
  • Add, change, customise volume controls as required.
  • Add group buttons to automatically select multiple zones as required.
  • Add additional graphics such as company logos, telephone/support numbers, instruction pages and more.
  • Of course, as an option, we can configure the system prior to despatch.

Once configured, users can operate the GUI to access all of the touch screen microphone (BVRDTSM) functions, including:

  • General paging – users can select zones graphically on the large screen or via buttons on the smaller screen on the microphone.
  • Non-emergency messages – schedule and play back stored messages to a single, multiple or all zones as selected.
  • Background music – route and broadcast background music to a single, multiple or all zones as selected.
  • Fault logging – view time and date stamped system fault logs to enable easy diagnosis should a fault be detected.
  • Activity logging – view time and date stamped user activity logs which provide an audit trail should this be required.
  • Volume – easily adjust volume level settings for any zone.
  • NFC access control: provides the ability to set access rights per user – such as limiting paging to certain zones, changing volume controls and other features that are available on the GUI/microphone.
  • For emergency paging, the key on the BVRDTSM is turned and ‘emergency mode’ is triggered. The GUI is immediately (temporarily) disabled and system control is provided by the EN54 certified BVRDTSM for simplicity and complete reliability in an emergency situation.

About the VIGIL3 system:

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