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VIGIL Eclipse3

VIGIL Eclipse3 – public address and/or voice alarm system

All-in-one public address system, VIGIL Eclipse3 can also function as a quality stand-alone voice alarm system. It is ideal for landlord/tenant applications and also for mounting in building risers saving valuable floor space.

VIGIL Eclipse3 is a wall-mountable public address and/or voice evacuation system. It is a stand-alone unit, complete with battery backup, which is fully networkable. The versatility of the VIGIL Eclipse3 makes it the ideal solution for many applications.

The unit houses a BVRD2M4 DSP-controlled router, a power supply and up to two of our D-class amplifiers.

Features include:

  • Up to 126 units can be networked. (Digital networking facilities provided by BVRDNET, factory fit option – please refer to separate leaflet.)
  • Ideal for decentralised networking or tenant systems.
  • Enjoys all the features of the EVAS DSP-controlled router.


  • ‘All Call’ fire microphone on the front panel (BVECASE3FM).
  • Input expander board which enables four microphones to be fitted to a single input.

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