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Power Supplies

Voice Alarm Switch Mode Power Supplies

The VIGIL2 voice alarm switch mode power supply is LPCB BS EN54-4 certified

Employing ‘switch mode’ techniques to improve efficiency and reduce unwanted heat dissipation and weight, there are four models in the range:

  • BVSMPM (mains only)
  • BVSMPMLT (mains only)
  • Continual monitoring of the charger and all DC outputs ensures reliability
  • Standby batteries are continually ‘float charged’ by the unit
  • Several chargers may be paralleled when used for larger systems


  • The BVSMP has two individually protected outputs at 24V; the BVSMPLT has one
  • Each BVSMP will drive two BV220, two BV120D, two BV050Q or one BV440M
  • Each BVSMPLT will drive one BV220, one BV120D or one BV050Q

For full product specification please refer to the sales leaflet:

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