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Disabled Toilet Alarm

Baldwin Boxall – Disabled Toilet Alarm Options

Our toilet alarm kits are fully compliant with BS8300:2009, options include:

  • A 3-part disabled toilet alarm kit. This option connects to our EVC systems – CARE2 and Omnicare. Toilet alarms connected in this way do not require a local power source – they are powered directly from the line. Another benefit is that there is no need to install a separate system when disabled refuge units or fire telephones are required on site also.
  • A 4-way toilet alarm control panel for connection to our disabled toilet alarm products. The unit has some unique features and can be daisy chained for larger system requirements. The unit is available with either a white or stainless steel finish and offers a stylish, compliant toilet alarm solution for many projects.

All our toilet alarm kits are available with a white or stainless steel finish and include:

  • An overdoor light/sounder; for mounting outside the room to indicate location of the call for assistance.
  • A ceiling pull cord with two red ‘G’ shaped loops. Loops should be located at different heights on the cord to enable a call to be made from the floor or from a seated/standing position
  • Local reset button (Allows either the cancellation of an accidental call, or to stop the alarm when assistance has been received)
  • Blue disabled toilet sign (For mounting on the outside of the door or other appropriate position)

Toilet Alarm for CARE2

A three-part toilet alarm kit for our CARE2 emergency voice communication system (EVC) system.


Toilet Alarm for Omnicare

Connects to our stand-alone disabled toilet alarm kit via a repeater unit.


Disabled Toilet Alarm Panel

A 4-way alarm control panel which connects to our toilet alarm kits.


BS8300:2009 (2.6) Toilet Accommodation:
“Disabled people should be able to find and use suitable toilet accommodation no less easily than non-disabled people.”

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